Lion Lager and Lion Stout are world class, multi award winning beers. Lion Stout is a multiple Gold and Grand Gold medal winner at Monde Selection and has been hailed as one of the “300 beers to try before you die”, according to renowned beer connoisseur, Roger Protz. Lion Stout is also the only beer to be endorsed by the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson.Lion is Sri Lanka’s number one beer brand with an 85% share of its home market. There is also a vibrant desire for Lion Beer across the world including the burgeoning export market here in the UK.

The Lion Brewery is situated close to Colombo, the Capital City of Sri Lanka and is equipped with state-of-art brewing equipment, which helps to ensure the highest quality of both Lion Lager and Lion Stout.

Lion Lager – 4.8% ABV
Is an attractive, golden, roasted malt colour, boasting malty scent with refined fruit and caramel hints. It has a full, slightly sweet taste with less hop notes than a pilsner and is a fabulous thirst quencher.

Lion Stout – 7.5% ABV
Is brewed using the original unique strain of yeast and water from an underground spring. It is almost pitch black in colour with a large, dense head. The flavour has a chocolaty bouquet and strong mocha notes. Unusually for a stout it is fairly sweet. Its flavours make it the perfect accompaniment to curries and other spicy dishes and snacks as it calms the palate.

Both Lion Lager and Lion Stout are available in 330ml and 625ml bottles.

Lion Beer has a rich provenance, having been brewed in Sri Lanka for over 130 years. The Lion story started in the mid 19th Century when the British Empire expanded to the island of Ceylon. Emerging as a booming tea growing entity, the paradise island attracted thousands of Europeans, who settled in the mystical mountains intent on farming the world’s best tea. British Explorer, Sir Samuel Baker had a different idea. Whilst on a hunting trip in Ceylon he stumbled upon a picturesque spot nestled in steep mountains with cascading waterfalls and thought it would be the ideal location for a brewery.

The Ceylon Brewery was founded at Lovers Leap in 1881, initially brewing fine beer for the European settlers. 130 years later this proud tradition continues and Lion Beer has grown into a global flagship brewery.

Lion Beer quite simply is The Pride of Sri Lanka.