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    1. Basic information


    Capacity: 20L /100L/2000L or customized

    Two Vessels: Mash & kettle tun/ Lauter & whirlpool tun

    Heating method: by steam, by electricity, by fire


    2. Technology configuration


    2.2.1 Mash & kettle tun : SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,Cladding thickness: 2mm, Jacket material is miller which withstand voltage is 3bar, 80mm polyurethane foam used to keep warm, platinum resistance accuracy+/-0.3 degrees Celsius, the temperature range 1-120 degrees Celsius. The elliptical manhole, butterfly head,Equipped with cleaning tube, washing ball confirm with ISO standard.

    2.2.2 Lauter & whirlpool tun: lauter tun full capacity is 450L, whirlpool tun full capacity is 550l, SUS304, inner shell thickness: 3mm,cladding thickness:2mm,80mm polyurethane foam used to keep warm, filter plate: milling, tillage device: material stainless steel 304 , counterclockwise tangential feeding when whirlpool, whirlpool tun equipped with cleaning tube, wash ball confirm with ISO standard.

    2.2.3 Wort pump: SUS304, national sanitary level, famous brand, frequency conversion control, pipe fitting material is SUS304.

    2.2.4 Plate heat exchanger: two-cold type, hanging, design pressure:1.0mpa,temperature: 150℃,

    2.2.5 Wort oxygenator: Venturi principle, SUS304 material, oxygen filling uniform meticulous, with glass lens, oxygen is visible.

    2.2.6 Yeast adding tank: Portable, transfer yeast into the board in wort after line by gas,   high-quality stainless steel SUS304 material. Tanks with endoscopic, Upper open for manual cleaning and with the exhaust valve;The lower is cone bottom; Outlet equips with activity transparent hose, a tube for dual-use, outlet and inlet yeast tube.

    2.2.7 Platform and foot step: SUS304

    2.2.8 Mash line: SUS 304, including all mash system valves and piping.

    WEMAC is professional Beer Equipment Manufacturer since 1958. @


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